Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons

Happy Friday!

This week really flew by...Quilt Con is just around the corner and I am just about ready to go. A few more bundles to fold this weekend. Today I wanted to share with you my Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons Quilt.

Highlighter is Kona Cottons Color of the Year!


I found photographs a huge inspiration for my Highlighter quilt since the color was so hard for me to grasp. It makes me pucker and smile at the same time. By looking for photographs that used that color it started me thinking about palettes to play with. I came across an abstract painting with yellows and grays, drawings of lemons, sunflowers and yellow doors.






These photos inspired the palette and then I began playing with ideas for design. I carry an embroidered pouch with me full of colorful rocks and it got me started on the “rock” idea for the quilt. Rocks of course, because they are gray and that was a part of the palette. Inspiration can come from so many different things and when all those little bits come together a quilt design emerges. Next came pulling together the gray rocks and the yellow stripped background to give the quilt subtle lines and movement - similar to the color essence in the abstract paintings. The goal was to balance out the intensity of Highlighter but still make it the dominate color of the quilt. The top is just part of the quilt, quilting can stand out or blend in depending on your motif and color of thread. I wanted a little of both because I just had to quilt sunflowers and lemons.










This is a free pattern at Robert Kaufman...soon! Like in the next week they will have it up to download.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments about Mystic and all the blogs that I did this last month about Morocco. I loved getting to share all of it with you.

Have a great weekend!!



PS The 3 bundle winners have been emailed.....



The Souks of Marrakesh...

The Souks....

A combination the entire Mystic collection and Kona Cottons.....


The Souks is the open air marketplace in the medina (center)  of Marrakesh.... it is a maze of tiny stalls and vendors with every possible product you could need....I barely touched the surface of the Souks and was a little confused as to where I was but after a couple of visits I was able to find my way around. It is one of the most interesting aspects to the city...people watching...smells.... colors.... textures.... sounds...it hits every sense and then some. The souks may seem confusing but they are very well organized by product.... dyers area, food, leather, etc. The strips in the design of the quilt connect to each other in some places but not quite in others creating a maze sort of feel but yet it is very organized it felt like the Souks.


My quilting is a maze of quilting to showcase the Souks....


Here are a few of my favorite images from the Souks....
















IMG_3234 1


This would be one of my favorites!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my trip to Morocco....the trip changed my life and I am so very grateful!!! 

Last weeks bundle winner.... Jenny (you have been emailed)!

Ok - I have three fat 1/4 bundles of the entire collection of Mystic.... leave a comment and next week I will announce the winners!!!

Have a great week!!




A little embroidery...

Hello Friends....

I love embroidery. Over the years I have embroidered bits and pieces of my fabric designs. Adding stitching to quilts, bags, and pillows whatever I can think of that will add a little more texture and color to a project. My flora design in Mystic is perfect for embroidery.


I like to make something for my mom at Christmas and this year at the last minute I decided to embroidery on the grey canvas Flora to make into a pillow for her. It is perfect colors for her house. This is the modern canvas from Robert Kaufman so it is light weight compared to traditional canvas. It is perfect for pillows and bags...



I added some gold piping which worked really well at accenting the gold in the embroidery. The great thing about taking a printed fabric and adding embroidery is that you don't have to embroider the entire pillow. Just add to the design of the fabric. My mom loved it...


She has now started one for a friend of hers.... it is in progress so I thought I would show you how easy it is to embroider a little fabric and make something...


Here we go in progress. I use three strands of the Aurifil embroidery floss. Tie a knot in one end and use the design printed on the fabric as your guide.




It is that simple.... I like to use a couple of colors in the flower. But it is up to you... maybe an variegated thread. There are so many great fabrics out there that would be perfect for this technique.

I have to share a few photos of Morocco that inspired this new design Flora, from Mystic. It is not a specific flower but the essence of the flora in Morocco...created into a stencil like design....something simple but dramatic.





The roses at Peacock Pavilions were amazing...









The stenciled door in our house at Peacock Pavilions....


And a little henna to round it out.....

The winner of the Gypsum blog bundle giveaway is..... Robin (you have been emailed).

I have more fabric to give away... and with this bundle I am going to include some of the canvas.. just leave a comment to be entered to win. Winner announced on the next blog post this Friday....

Have a great day!!!




Just in case you would like to come to Morocco and do a little creating and exploring... YA SALAM


 Amy Butler’s Ya Salam Exotic Getaway! Marrakesh Morocco
November 5 - 12 2016

Join Amy and David Butler and creative guru Val Wells for an exciting inspiration expedition exploring Marrakesh and all of it’s exotic inspirations!
Our week together will be filled with creative workshops mixed with day trips that take us to fascinating, colorful locals! We’ll scour the souks, visit
historic sites in Marrakesh and have a full day in the Atlas Mountains taking in the natural beauty and tour the rural Berber villages. Our home base
is the gorgeous Peacock Pavilions.  Many of our meals and events will take place at the Pavilions including our creative
workshop sessions. You are in for a treat!


Color of the Week... GIVEAWAY!!!!!



Color of the Week started with my collection of fabric, Blueprint Basics, and the desire to share my color inspiration through photography. I mixed in some Kona Cotton Solids to complete the color spectrum. The 52 weeks were split into the four seasons...

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter....

I designed a quilt for each season ending with a trip around the world quilt, Celebration, that uses all 52 pieces.


All of these quilts are free pattern downloads on Robert Kaufman...(left to right: Winter, Spring, Celebration, Summer, Autumn)


To Celebrate the Color of the Week I have 12 of these babies to give away, 52 fat 1/4's in each bundle....

To be entered in the giveaway just tell me what your favorite Color of the Week was? I will close the giveaway next Sunday night and pick 12 winners next Monday.

Thanks for your support!



Colored Happy....

I am very excited to introduce you to Colored Happy... My quilt for the Kona 30th Anniversay.



I absolutely LOVE this quilt. Several years ago I found this magazine clipping of pillows that I thought would make a great quilt. The images has been tacked to my inspiration board ever since.



With all the 303 Kona Colors this was th perfect design to play with color. I fell in love with the new Kona solids and used them as my starting off point. The block itself is very easy to construct. It was a matter of playing with color. I choose 8 different color stories for the 25 blocks. This meant one of the color stories would have 3 blocks. I felt like this would set the balance of color just perfectly. (and I have a thing for odd numbers)

My biggest challenge Colored Happy was the quilting.....it is one of my favorite parts of the quilting process. There are times I run into a wall on what designs to quilt. I wanted to have the quilting add to the color and design of the quilt but not take over. With the variety of colors in the quilt how could I just pick one color to quilt with....I couldn't, so there are lots of colors in the quilting. The quilting designs are a mixture of "pebbles", curved organic shapes, and funky flowers.


The Kona 30th Anniversary Look Book....


Check out all of the beautiful quilts made by fabulous designers for the Kona 30th Anniversary Celebration.

The folks at Robert Kaufman are generously giving away Kona Charm pack with each blog posting over the 30 days. I picked the packet of new colors to give away to some lucky reader. Just leave a comment and you will go into a drawing to win this beauty....A great start to making Colored Happy. Colored Happy is a free pattern that can be downloaded from Robert Kaufman. (the give away is open for 24 hours starting at 10 a.m. pacific time Wednesday, November 19, 2014)


Have a great day!!!




Ashton Road Candy Picnic...


Ashton Road was released the end of July....for my collections to release complete I like to do a "look book" for the salesmen and women to show to shop owners when they show the fabric for the first time. The look book is full of inspirational photographs and projects. Some of the projects are free pattern downloads and others are recreated Sewing Cards. I try to come up with a theme for the photo-shoot that reflects what the fabric means to me. To get the look book to Robert Kaufman in time I receive sample yardage about 4 to 6 weeks before my deadline. That being said I try to be really prepared for the projects that need to be made and the photo-shoot. I received Ashton Road in the beginning of June. In the images below you will see all the work that goes into getting ready for a release. I have some of the most wonderful staff at the Stitchin' Post and friends that help me with all the sewing and pattern writing as well as the photo-shoots. I could not do it without them!

For Ashton Road the photos-hoot had to be with the kids....it had to be outside on a summer day. The colors in the fabric remind me of candy so we created a "candy picnic" for the kiddos. Two of my good friends helped me with the shoot. We each had cameras - perfect for three kids! It was the best day and one of the funnest photo-shoots I have ever done. The images are priceless and really express the happiness and love that created Ashton Road.


The Round-table...



My Tent...




Playtime Treehouse Quilt (free download).... made out of the flannel.








Vivi loves her Cruzin' Everyday Skirt....(new sewing card)

Bloglivskirt (1)


The Everyday Skirt pattern will be released at Fall Quilt Market.



Playtime Bikes.... out of the cotton sheeting. (free pattern download)




Urban Baby Quilt... (free pattern download) Flannel...





Three Times Around... (free pattern download) Cotton Sheeting...




This quilt is adapted from one of my patterns - The Zoey Throw.

That was our day.... lots of laughing... lots of sugar and LOTS of great photos!!!


This is my other new pattern coming out at Quilt Market, Diamond Lane.

I am doing the final touches for Quilt Market next weekend....My booth will be featuring Ashton Road... Photos to come....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Enjoy those little things in your life.... like laughing kids with lolipops!!!



PS We are working on getting all of the Ashton Road free patterns up for download by the end of Ocotber.




Color of the Week

What can I say as a black and white photographer I love this color... and there is something about gray that is calming and peaceful. Iron is a cool blueish gray that reminds me of the keys in an old typewriter.
Last week I accidently did a bad link to my new blog....
Here is a good link!

Blueprint Basics

I love color….


When I set out to create Blueprint Basics I made a color wheel of sorts. This was the beginning of separating the colors into seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The designs came next. The designs in Blueprint Basics started with my sketchbook, simple drawings of inspiration. I planned the designs to mix throughout the seasons.


My swatches and strike-offs covered a section of my inspirational wall for a year. The beginning of Blueprint was also the beginning of The Color of the Week idea…. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited to create a line of basics, I started thinking about how much I photograph color. Why not connect the two and create an inspirational blog once a week for an entire year. A year of color….mixed with inspirational photography, quilts and projects.

I am so very lucky to be working with Robert Kaufman and when I presented my idea they were excited and wanted to see what I could do with the project. Thanks to them my little idea is now a reality.

Let me introduce you to Spring Blueprint Basics…..





 Royal Blue












Pink Nectar











Mixed with these designs are four Kona Solids. I love to work with solids. Combining Blueprint Basics and Kona Solids was a given for this project.



Kona Solid Orange



Kona Solid Pomegranate 



Kona Solid Robin Egg 



Kona Solid White




For each season I have created a free pattern download. This is Spring...

We will be kitting this quilt at The Stitchin' Post.


Please join me starting April 10, 2014 for a year of color....

Color of the Week with Blueprint Basics and Kona Solids






I am moving my blog to my website. www.valoriwells.com/blog

I will keep this one active for 6 months. And put teasers of my posts....




Quill photo shoot & look book

Good Morning.....

The response to Quill and Blueprint Basics has been amazing....I am so proud of these collections and to be a part of Robert Kaufman.

I thought I would share the look book I created from the Quill photo shoot.... I hope you like it! I will have new projects and patterns in the spring just in time for Quilt Market!



















If you haven't checked out Robert Kaufman web site you should... they have my videos up also that give you a little insight into my work on these collections. We are getting the fabrics up on our web site, Stitchin Post, for pre-orders..... YEAH!

Have a great day...



PS the free pattern downloads in the look book will be available in February.

Bridgette Lane projects...

As promised lots of great projects from Bridgette Lane. My sweet girl, Olivia, was my model for the photoshoot. Love that girl and her energy....

For the new sewing cards we have Colored Pencils and Boardwalk.

This is Colored Pencils...




I truly love this quilt.... it shows how well the little prints of Bridgette Lane cut up so well...

The kitties love it too. I honestly couldn't believe the two of them posing for me!

Both of these quilts are made out of the cotton. I did a free pattern out of the flannel....


You can download the free pattern here... Download BridgetteLanePattern_web

I love to recreate patterns with new fabric... here are a few that I came up with for Bridgette Lane.

Rosalie Quilt

Bridgette's Rosalie uses the smaller template in the Sewing Card.


Lion Around Sewing card is the PERFECT baby gift...or to cuddle under when your 8 and your mom is making you do a photoshoot on a cold fall afternoon in a sundress!


Leonardo the Lion and Elsa the Elephant were a no brianer to make out of the soft yummy flannel.


At the last minute Vivi decided she wanted to be a part of the photoshoot....


She loves her animals...

If you at the International Quilt Market this weekend come by my booth - 804, if not I will be posting on my Valori Wells Designs facebook page and Instagram @valoriwells.

Have a great weekend!



Monogramed Journal

I love monogrammed things... mugs, shirts, cards, anything! So why not journals or sketchbooks. Moleskin makes great blank journals with a card stock cover to decorate with stitching, painting and fabric.

Here is my journal...The "J" on the top can be taken off and has a string attached so it can be hung. Just little added detail. It is a perfect gift, quick yet personal and fun to make.

All you need is...

Blank journal

Piece of paper and pencil

Paint brushes 

Soft body acrylic paint

Fat 1/4 of fabric

Fast to Fuse fusible web

Heat and Bond light fusible web

Paint brushes

Thread to match fabric

Baker's Twine or string

Paint both front and back of journal. While the journal dries prepare letters.


Draw around your journal on the piece of paper to give you the guidelines for drawing your letter. Pick a letter and draw the size you would like. Cut out letter. Cut a rectangle out of both fusibles a 1/4" bigger than the letter. Press the heat and bond to the wrong side of the fabric. Lay the letter reverse on the heat and bond and trace around. Cut out letter. Pull of the paper and fuse to the cover of the book.

Fuse fabric to both sides of the Fast to Fuse rectangle. Lay letter on top and trace around. Cut letter out.


Using a satin stitch on the machine stitch around the letter on the journal.

Stitch around letter with the Fast to Fuse.

Make a small hole at the top of the letter and on the journal, using a hole punch or an awl.

Pull a piece of baker's twine through the hole on the letter. Pull string through hole in journal and tie with a bow on the inside front cover.

Tada!!! A cool personalized sketchbook!

Have a Great Day!!!




Portland Market....

Back from market and finally feeling like I have caught up....well, at least on the market stuff now onto the next deadlines. I am reminded that I don't like to be bored so new projects are always good. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

Before the new projects how about some photos from my booth at market?! WISH!

I love a corner booth...it is open and very inviting...



I wrapped twigs with Wish fabric and hung little wish birds and the lyrics of Jena's song on the branches. The old (working) typewriter was available for folks to type their wishes...



Here is the little wish bird pattern for you to make your own birdie! Download Little Birdback

A jar of wishes from my friends at market...

I also had all the wishes from my friends and family that make up the Wishing Tree print.

The new Jillie Wrap skirt and Amelia Shawl...

My Wish chairs and knitted pillows.....

Close-up of the other pillow.... pattern to come soon!!


Wish Bird....

I love my birdie vase...perfect for a peony....



Can't end without some beautiful Peony photos.... I could take photos of these flowers forever and ever and ever!!!!

Thanks to all the great peeps that visited me at market! Makes me feel great to see all the wonderful smiles and get all of the great hugs!

Have a great day!!!




Off to market....

We are heading to Portland tomorrow for market. If anyone comes to the show come by my booth 2254. I would love to meet you.

I wanted to share a couple more bits from Wish....

Living in Sisters we are so blessed to be surrounded by talented people who love to collaborate. My friend Jena is a musician and when I told her about Wish she asked if she could write a song about it. It is being put together as we speak and will be going on her new album. So exciting and flattering. As soon as I have the song available to me I will post so you all can hear this talented girl.... in the mean time here is her blog Cabin Time Sessions.

She was kind enough to give me the lyrics.... So beautiful!


This is the quilt Wish.... it uses a designer 2 1/2" roll from Free Spirit but you could also make it with fat 1/4's or 1/4 yards. It is a free pattern download. Download WishFreePattern_web

I will be taking lots of photos of my booth and market. You can always find my recent photos on my Valori Wells Designs facebook page or @valoriwells on Instagram and Twitter....hope to see you there.

I have to finish packing....





Well, Christmas is just around the corner....we went Christmas Tree hunting this weekend. Such a fun tradition to do with the family. I can't remember a Christmas since I was a kid that we didn't go out to get a tree. My brother was in the forest service one summer and would find amazing trees for us to try and go back and find in the winter.Great memories....

With the season of giving upon us I find all the wrapping paper to be a waste....not for the kids of course it is a child's love of ripping paper off a gift that can just make you smile. But for my friends and my mom I love to create re-usable wrapping....

I have a few ideas for you.....

This is a perfect small gift box made out of paper and fabric.... you could do it out of all fabric or all paper if you want. I love the mixture.

Here is a free download for this little box.... Download FabricGiftBoxes-web-1 part two 

Download FabricGiftBoxes-web-2

I also love to just take a piece of fabric and use it as wrapping paper around a present and tie with yarn. Especially for the fabric addict....

A couple of Sewing Cards that I love for wrapping are Petal Pouches and Project Bags.

These can be made in lots of sizes...

I love to make these for my knitter friends and put yummy skein of yarn inside.

My studio is calling me...I am in the middle of PURGING....my husband reminded me that I always go through a purge after I finish a new collection and before the sample yardage of the next collection comes into the studio. I can't believe I get so many ideas when I clean the studio as much as I really don't like cleaning.....

I have 6 more bundles of Wrenly Christmas to give away...a little gift for you! If you have left a comment your number is in the mix or comment and get it in there again....

Have a great day!



Wrenly on a Tuesday...

Good afternoon... the past week has been full of drawing and inking the new collection. I am completely in love with it! Always feels good when that happens... But let's go back to Wrenly Christmas...

Do you remember making those paper chains in elementary school? I thought it would be fun to make them out of fabric....last longer, something the kids can still make with me and the fabric is perfect for it.

The amount of fabric you need will depend on the length of the chain.

Two fat 1/4's will yield - Approximately 28 strips that are 1 1/4" wide by 9" long. Once they are put together they will be approximately 72"

You will need a fusible to put in between the fat 1/4's plus enough for 28 1" x 1" pieces.

All you have to do to make this cute chain is fuse together two fat 1/4's.

Cut into 1 1/4" x 9" pieces.

To start the chain press a 1" piece of fusible web onto the inside end of the strip. Fold over and press the front of the other end onto the fusible. Wala...a chain....

Continue this process adding strips to the chain.

That's it...easy and fun. To add to the fun here is a recipe for my friend Vaunel's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies... We make these every year, my husbands favorite!!!


Download Chocolatechippumpkincookies and the download for your recipe box...

Well, back to designing....have a great day!



Novella Indigo...

AAAHHH Monday! I love my Monday's...I tend to spend the day in the studio working on the latest obsession.

But alas....I must share my Indigo palette with you. The photo shoot that we did with Indigo was my Favorite. My assistant and I planned a dinner party late in the summer with all of our peeps. I knew I had to use my peeps others may not wear the clothes I ask to match the palette. The entire party was based around Indigo and the colors. I planned the food to match, and cooked it all.... I love cooking! Especially for friends.

We sent out invitations to the party indicating what they would wear. Then all they had to do was arrive be willing to let me take their pics and enjoy a lovely dinner.

But first the fabric....



this is in cotton sateen

this is in cotton sateen... yummy!!





Cotton Sateen and cotton

I have to warn you I have a lot of photos from the Indigo Nights Dinner Party.....it was just so fun. I can't tell you how exciting it was to pull it off. There are times when you have ideas that really are not going to work. This one did and it was perfect!!!! 









This pic was done by my lovely assistant, Sondy! She is getting good at catching a moment. So proud!!




Didn't really have any Indigo food but all of the accent colors were perfect for cooking!

Wine infused pear over peaches with a little marscapone cheese....all I have to say is OMG YUMMY!!

Without planning it we had a full moon! It was a beautiful night!

In the cool of the evening the girls ended up cuddled in Novella quilts. Made my heart fill with love and gratitude for these amazing people in my life.

Novella Indigo free pattern.... Download NovellaFreePattern-web

Finnelopy sewing card....

Tomorrow....Booth shots....I love how my booth turned out and am excited to show you. If you happen to be local...we are going to put the booth up in the  shop after our annual PJ sale on Saturday. The crate should be arriving on Wednesday.

Have a great day!!




Novella Spice...

Happy Sunday! Today I am going to introduce you to Novella Spice.... A Marketplace full of Indulgence.

This was a fun photo shoot with two of my closest friends. They are such good sports helping me by modeling and dealing with my ideas...

But first what we all love THE FABRIC....

Finnelopy... Spice

Heart de flur..... Gypsy

Peony... Gypsy

Peony... Scarlet


Peony...StoneScarlet this is in rayon. Makes a beautiful dress or skirt....

Rain... Cinnamon

Rain... Gypsy


Rain....Raspberry in Rayon....



Novella Spice photo shoot was based at our local farmers market. Late summer when it is packed with yummy goods....

Some of my favorite shots from the day with my girls...


Sondy's dad has this amazing Ford that was eggplant - I mean of all colors...it was meant to be photographed with Novella Spice quilt...





Finnelopy quilt in Spice.

Novella free pattern in Spice..... Download NovellaFreePattern-web

Tomorrow.... Indigo...

Have a great Sunday!!



Hello Novella....

College game day....the Oregon Ducks are playing at 4p.m. we are gathering to watch the game at my parents. Ross is out showing houses and the kids and I are in the studio....a great Saturday!

While the monsters are occupied I thought I would introduce you to Novella. My newest collection of fabric that I am truly in LOVE with. Novella has three color palettes with some pieces that cross over to other palettes.

The introduction will start with Driftwood.....Where Earth Meets Elegance...

This is Finnelopy....in aqua

in Curry...this print is cotton sateen. Cotton sateen is a heavier weight than quilting cotton but not as heavy as a traditional home decorator fabric.

Heart de flur.....charcoal

Heart de flur.....Gypsy

Peony.... Aquastone...this fabric is a yummy rayon. Like butter to sew with, I think it is my new favorite substrate.

Peony... Gold...this comes in the cotton sateen and rayon.

Peony... Gypsy

Rain...Aqua...this comes in cotton and rayon.


ZigZag.. aqua

Zigzag... Stone....this comes in the cotton sateen.

For the photo shoot of this color story I had a beautiful couple that is truly in love and I took them to a lake... Here are some of my FAVS from the shoot...

I have this vision of creating an canopy over a boat with a quilt....this is a start but my quilt was not big enough or my boat was too big. Someday I am going to get it to work.....





And now for some quilts...

This is a new Sewing Card called Finnelopy...

Novella Free Pattern2
The Novella quilt is a free pattern... Download NovellaFreePattern-web

I created Annie several years ago...I felt it would make a great sewing card.

The Greenwich bag is so easy and versitale....fits all my needs - sketchbook, pens, camera, wallet, phone, and all those other random things the get in your purse.

Driftwood dock
My favroite picture of Lanie and Jordan...they were amazing!

I am being beckoned to play legos and barbies.....Have a great day!



Gift Bird Ornament.....

AAHHH.....tomorrow I leave for International Quilt Market in Houston, TX. I have to admit having the deadline earlier for my booth to ship allows me a weekish to get other things done and not be so stressed out. Well, maybe not stressed out but BUSY and a little anxious.

I thought I would share a fun Christmas Ornament that I made out of Wrenly's Christmas. She is too cute. Simple project with a little pocket for a perfect Christmas treasure.....

Download Gift Bird Ornament

Here is the printable pattern.....Pictures included as well as the template for the bird.

If anyone is at market my booth is 1708....come by and see me!!!

Have a great day!!!!



Wrenly's Christmas.....

Hello my friends.....I have missed a week of Christmas so today I have two wonderful things to show you.... Last week I finished up a marathon of photo shoots for my new collection of fabric coming out this fall, Novella.

On Saturday night we did a photo shoot called Indigo Nights.....based on the palette in Novella called Indigo. I had all my wonderful friends come over to my assistant, Sondy's, house for an evening to remember. It was amazing and I will give more details when I can share the photos.....now the reason I was telling you this is because I made my Roasted Butternut Squash soup.....there were lots of requests for the recipe.

I decided it was the perfect recipe to share in Wrenly's Christmas......

Roasted Butternut Squash Soupblog

This is a great soup for any occasion. I also have changed it slightly when I took out the butternut squash, added a couple more potatoes and broccoli. It makes a yummy broccoli potato soup. I don't roast the broccoli but put it in the last 15 minutes before you blend it. Sprinkle with some cheddar cheese and it is ready to go.

For your holiday needs you might want to include the Wrenly Christmas Table runner.....


This table runner came from one of my sewing cards....

Sophia tableruner.blog

Along with the table runner you can always use napkins. I have the perfect simple napkin pattern for you. Not sure I would call it a pattern but a project. Take a fat 1/4, 18" x 22" and square it up to 18" x 18". Then pull the strings from the edges until you get about a 1/4" of fringe around the entire napkin. Clean up the edges with scissors or a rotary cutter and WA-LA! Napkin......they wash up great and don't continue to fray. Wonderful!!!

Great gift too!!! They are time consuming but worth it.

Tomorrow is Teagues's 3rd birthday....Poor guy is fighting a bad cold too! If he is still sick tomorrow I am going to have to cancel his little party. I am hoping that after his nap today he will feel better.

Hopefully next week I will not have as many issues and can actually get to posting on Friday for Wrenly's Christmas.....I am going to be sending out 6 bundles of Wrenly's Christmas on Friday.....so get your comments in. And  not to worry there will be 6 more bundles in November.....