Tomorrow Morning.....

I am up in Portland today staying at my brothers house because tomorrow I get to be a guest judge on a Portland tv station - KATU -  that is doing a "Project Runway" type of show.

The Design Challenge is going to be a 6 week long competition between four designers from the Art Institute of Portland. This week is the first week and Westminster / Free Spirit is the featured fabric company and they asked me to be a guest judge! HEHE.....I think it will be so fun!


On Monday they introduced the designers and had a HUGE stack of my Karavan Knits on the table....I feel a little giddy when I see that...makes me feel like a kid that just got an A on a spelling test!
In case you were wondering we do have the knits in the shop....we are hoping the patterns for the Isabelle skirt and Sondy top will be done soon.....patterns can take longer than you think sometimes. Totally annoying but a fact that I just have to get used to. Try to get used to!

Well, I'm off to hang out with my family...don't get to see them much so it is fun to chat!

Have a great night!