New sewing patterns.....

My sweet baby girl Vivi has been home sick for three days.....poor thing has a nasty cold. So, not much work for me this week. Luckily my husband is so awesome and helped me a lot. We have an great balance with work and family when someone is sick or gone. I never thought I would have such a wonderful family and life. Sounds strange to say that because I didn't ever think I should have a bad one just didn't know it could be like this. That I would be this happy. I am thankful!

Ok.....I am done being sappy. Photos of new patterns...YEAH!

This is one of the new Sewing Cards....$3.00 retail and you can make a skirt for anyone. If you can cut rectangles and sew them together you can make this skirt....So fun! My girls like Twirly skirts but me personally don't look that good in twirly skirts so I made one with less fabric but uses the same pattern. They were made in the Karavan Jersey Knit but I think corduroy, voile and cotton would make great skirts too.

The Josie bag.....a small version of a messenger bag with a long strap to throw over your head while your riding your bike to work. I don't personally ride the 6 hilly miles to the Stitchin' Post but my friends who live in town or close to town do. This bag was made before I got the Karavan fabric, I silk screened the Elephant on some of my Jenaveve Linen and then embroidered the fabric. I just love it....this will be MY bag!!

I have been working with a friend Nick Coman - he is a clothing designer - on a collection of clothing patterns....we should have the first two patterns out by the end of the year. The Girlfriend Series...

This is an awesome skirt made with six panels.....for my personal use I made the skirt pattern longer to make out of this sweater knit fabric I have. I think it will be fun for winter.....

The Sondy is a very versatile top that can be made into a tunic, t-shirt or dress and the back is a cowl neck, so cute.

Well, those are the new patterns....I have some free quilt patterns but I have to finish photographing them and I will post....luckily I'm saved by the fact that the fabric isn't in shops yet. The Karavan Jersey Knit wont be available until the end of the year but the flannel and cotton should be coming soon!

Have a great day!!