Jenaveve photo shot day 2.....

Home is so great to see the kids and play with the puppy and kittens. I am such a home body. Today I am hanging out in the studio working on my next fall collection, starting with the drawings. Going to market does get all the creative juices flowing. I had ideas of what I was going to do for the fall but it was just in my head not quite ready to come out. Now after market I am ready to start drawing....god that feels good!

Now, where did I leave off yesterday.....oh yeah, we had started our "speed" sewing for Wednesday's photo shot. We were successful at finishing all of the projects on the list.

Mom with the projects at the lake...

We do tend to re-organize the "set" if we need to. There was this log seat that someone made up by the fire pit and we wanted to move it down to the beach. Dang it was heavy....


This is where we set the seat...thought it was a great place to sit the pillows.




A bit of mom and Carolyn doing work to set up the next shot.

The Luna quilt and pillows that we made. The quilt is very simple yet visually complex because of the fabric itself.

There is not much quilting on it for this photo but over the weekend I was able to add some more. Worked for the photo...

The Anya Bag...this bag is so easy to make and very versatile. I just LOVE how the fabric looks with the worn out stump and rocks.



This is the skirt that we put is an A-line but a little straighter, does that make sense? The skirt hits just below the belly button and the hem is mid shin....I have a great friend, Nick, who is a dressmaker that I am working with him on doing the pattern and sizing it out. I don't know how to do that but I love to design the clothes....great to have good partners to help you out where you might fall a bit short. And I might learn something new also. Fun!

The things you do for a photo....




The grass that is starting to turn yellow looks so great with the colors in the skirt....



And that is it...our photo shot, a little edited because I took a lot of photos but you get the idea.

The fabric and my patterns should be out in December...I will keep you posted.

Hope you have a great day!! Back to my drawing...yeah! love it when I am inspired to draw!!!!