Del Hi Home Decorator fabric....

I have to first show off some of the family.....little Teague is now a month old. Wow - time has really gone fast. The days blur together - probably due to lack of sleep but also just being busy with the family and starting to get back to the studio. It is amazing how you forget the feeling of only having 2 to 3 hours of sleep at a time then having to be on duty as mom with the girls....but I wouldn't change a thing. The little man is a blessing to our family....


This photo was taken at a photo studio in Bend - Whippersnappers - we have signed up for the first year photos so that we can get images of the family over the next year. This was his two week photo....I just love this shot in Ross' hands.


My little helper.....she loves to hold her little brother. Vi just likes to say hi and then carry on to what she was doing before. She is two!

Now, the Del Hi Home Decorator fabric has arrived in the shop....


We made a Del Hi Henry.......isn't he cute!



And recovered a Ikea chair with some of the fabric. Miss Vi came to the shop one day with me to photograph the chair and new displays that Carolyn has been working on. It was really good for me to take a little time with just Vi. Makes me realize how much I need to do that with both of the girls.


This is the simple little bag that I am doing a pattern for. Paige is getting the pdf together for me and we should have it posted by the end of the least that is my plan. With all of the nursing sometimes I miss calculate time......

Anyway, here are the displays that Carolyn has been doing. 



We have a magazine coming to the shop next week to photograph - this coming year is our 35thanniversary. We are very excited to get some magazine articles showcasing our shop. They are also photographing my studio and mom's studio. That stresses me out a bit.....I have been cleaning the stdio so that it is presentable for it's photo shot. I want it to look great! Still have some work to do....

Well, the little man needs to eat....again! As my pediatrician says I am the Dairy Queen!!!!

Have a great day!