Home to snow.......

Home to snow from the 80's in Hawaii. I have to say I love winter as much as I loved the vacation Christmas just isn't the same without cold and snow. It was so weird seeing all of the holiday decorations in Hawaii it just seemed unreal to me. Liv and Vi were taking a bath when we got home and we overheard Liv say, "Vi, isn't it nice to be home in our bath?" Too cute! Those girls take after me - true homebodies!
We went Christmas Tree Hunting yesterday in a blizzard. The girls didn't last for too long. John pulled them in the sled and once he dumped them I think they lost all patience with the cold and wind and snow. They were good sports as Ross and I found the perfect tree. We put up the tree this morning, Liv helped put on ornaments while Vi took a nap. This is the first year she has really been into Christmas and it is fun. When Vi got up she was pointing and talking to all of the decorations. Now the house is decorated and it is snowing again outside and I am enjoying  some mulled wine as I finish up the Christmas cards. I decided to make the cards this year. Ross looks at me like I am crazy - "don't you think that will take a lot of time" but I love it and it is more personal.
On another note I just got some of the Hawaii photos downloaded and thought I would share. I can't wait to get the medium format photos back. I don't think I have the time or patience to develop the film myself so I am going to send it out to Portland.  Here are some digital images......
Nothing like a good sunset in Hawaii - even with the clouds.
The fam....

The second day there the surf was really high. The water was a beautiful aqua.
Nothing like a cute baby in a two piece!
I have to say we did spend a lot of time chasing the girls. Vi especially she was everywhere!

LOVE how this photo turned out.


I have a new obsession - Plumeria.....

My girls!
The whole family on our last night. I have to say surprised that I could get every one to sit for this. Well, now I am off to make my list of gifts to make - don't have a lot of time to get things done.....but there is nothing like making things for your friends and family!
Love to All!!!!