Happy Voting......

I hope everyone went out and voted today. Luckily for us we have a mail in voting system and I voted a week ago. It is such an amazing election, there is so much at stake. I am officially an CNN junkie today! Earlier there was a comment made about being a part of history - being in history - it is so true we are experiencing part of history and becoming a part of history. Anyway, I am not that eloquent with words or sometimes I just can't find them - I just hope that all of you took advantage of our freedom of choice. What an great day....although we are experiencing snow flurries - I have not left the studio today........
As I promised here are a few photos of the Halloween parade.
My little froggy - Livvy.....and her little flower sister - Violette
Violette had a blast!! She was so funny holding a candy in each hand. Digging around in her bag to find things - not that she knew what they were. It was a fun event for her......
My froggy and my friend from childhood - Deri's - little girl, Chloe, aka Monkey....The girls have been trick-or-treating every year....this is number 4. Deri and I met when we were three and have been friends since. It is fun to have our girls hang out together and be friends.

Some of the Crew from day care.....I can't wait to see how things grow over the years with this group of kids. It is too much fun!
I have started painting the next collection of fabric.....for spring 2009. All of the drawings are done and it is time to paint. I am trying to get a head of the game. I like to have some time to work with the fabric coming this spring - Delhi and another collection that I have in the works...more to come soon on that.
Have a great day!