Urban Flannels......

AHHH, I thought that I was getting over my cold the last time I wrote but I was wrong......I have now been sick for almost three weeks. I finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics - I figured that it had been long enough to be sick.I am so tired these days - working late at night and still trying toget in time with the family......I am going to be so happy when some of these deadlines are done. Burning the candle at both ends is probably part of the problem with getting better. I think I am coming out of it......now I just have cramps!!! Lovely!!!
    On a great note I received my sample yardage for the new collection of fabric I have coming out this fall - Urban Flannels.......it is so yummy......
These are some snap shots that I took....I will post all of the designs in a nice clear format soon. I have to get them scanned and the larger ones photographed......I have started working on a couple of free patterns that I will have available....the one above is the Urban Baby - the other one will be an adult size.......I also am getting together a couple of patterns for this fall. I have some stuffed animals pillows with a throw - a cute owl and elephant - and a new quilt pattern. We have to get everything ready for market at the end of the month. The fabric is a little late in delivery but I just have to make it work.
    In the mean time I am also working on some new designs for this spring.....it is going to be a surprise!!! You will see soon......
    I promised photos from the skirt class and have disappointing news - they didn't turn out. I am going to e-mail all of the girls to have them send me photos.....totally bummed....forgot to reset my camera and the images were all blury......some days I wonder where my head is.
     Hope everyone has a great day!