The beginning of the 33rd Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.........

PHEW!!!!! It is Wednesday night we are watching "So you think you can dance" they inspire me to want to workout more and with passion....and I love seeing what they come up with - so very talented!!! Anyway, I digress.......I'm a bit tired these has been crazy so I apologize in the delay in getting  photos to you....and I have to say that I have only a few to begin with - the rest are very large images that I have to size down to blog with. My personal feeling of the show was good; nice, calm energy - people of every age and gender out and about enjoying a beautiful day. I think having the main drag (so to speak) closed off to cars put a whole different approach to the show - you could really enjoy the event - I think it was one of my favorite shows we have had. I remember when I was a kid that I would lose my mom and panic! Still gives me the willies - especially since I have kids. Anyway there area a lot of different memories - we once took my double bed from my room and the night before quilt show we baked sheet cakes and decorated them. On the next day we put up my bed and put the sheet cakes in as the bed quilt. People at the Quilt Show got cake that day - I think I was 5 or 6....I would have to ask my mom..... OH my god could you imagine having enough cake for all of those that come now!! Ok - so I have had a glass of wine and I am rambling - we get to go camping tomorrow for the weekend and I am really excited. I get chatty when I am excited and then add a little wine.........Here are some photos.........
I will get more up soon when we get back to the beach....
Love to all - and thanks for all of the support!
6:30 am - coffee in hand shooting in the middle of the street - too cool!
7:30 the firetruck arrives to hang quilts.........4firefighters3b

7:45ish.....these are the Employee Challenge quilts - this years theme was Metamorphis which was the same as the Quilt Show Contest. My little piece quilt with the knitting was going to be my challenge quilt but alas I did not get it quilted.......Maybe next year!

The beginning for me....completing the hanging on the side of the building is always the beginning of the day for me....I go out and hang out with Sally Frey (she is one of our teachers at Quilter's Affair and she always is here to work with the firemen - they love her - we love her) I take photos and it just gets everything going....sip my coffee take a few to the rest of the day!!!