Animal Friends

I have been talking a lot about the patterns for this spring...well, they are off to print and we should have them in the shop by May1 - if all goes well.....but I thought that I would give you all a sneak preview of the patterns over the next couple of days.....

The first pattern is Animal Friends. My girls have lots of stuffed animals and the animals that they sleep with I always call their friends. Liv now refers to them as her friends - I remember feeling as though all my animals were my friends, I would pile them all into my bed at night before I went to sleep. Well, I wanted to create some new "friends" for the girls....along with the animal friends I did small embroidered quilts. Rather than trying to describe them I will show you some photos... they were too much fun to make!!!


There are three new friends - Ginger the Giraffe.....or George if you are making a boy!


Miss Vi really likes the Gingers......



There is Leo the Lion......Leonora if you are making a girl!



and Charlie the Bird.....I think Charlie works for girl and boy birds...just fits!


I had Carolyn's little boy Maddox over and did a photo shot with him and the girls and their new "friends"





It was too much fun.....Granted it was a circus....Liv was running around - hard to take photos of her anytime - and Maddox is just starting to walk - Miss Vi was good because she isn't mobile yet.....soon that will change. It was a good thing that I had Ross, Carolyn and myself to heard the kiddos......I got so many cute photos it was hard to just pick a couple. I am really enjoying doing embroidery so the animals and the little quilts have fun embroidery. I thought that it could be a great new baby gift.... a little quilt and a friend....anyway....a new project tomorrow. Have a great day!!!