OliveRose Free Pattern

I am posting the free pattern again because I didn't realize that the last one I put on was set for tabloid size paper.....this one will fit legal. Thanks for all the great response to the pattern...... Download OliveRose.pdfI am patienly waiting for Grandma Jo to come over so I can go work out.....Then we are having Customer Appreciation days at the shop. Carolyn and I have a book signing and then I am just going to hang out and help cutomers. Should be a nice day! Although after 17 months period free......I am now experiencing cramps again and remembering the "joy" of being a woman!!! UUGGHHH!!! Sometimes I really think that guys should get some of this.... Yesterday I didn't feel like working out and my husband couldn't understand why - he thought it would make me feel better.....I asked him how he would feel running while bleeding and cramping.....I was a bit cranky! Anyway...a bit better today!
Have a great day!